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Alumna Peggy Britt ’56 supports WPU through $1 million gift

Believe in yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Dream big. Those are worlds William Peace University (WPU) Alumna Peggy Britt ’56 has held onto during life.

Peggy Britt, a Raleigh native, held onto those words when she first met her husband, Bill Britt, on a blind date – she dreamed of a life with him.

She held onto those words when Bill started at Amway with only $25 – they had confidence they could find success at the company. Together, they built one of the largest Amway businesses in the world and were Founders Crown Ambassador, FAA 40, one of only 14 Amway distributorships in the world to have reached that level.

While Bill passed in 2013, Mrs. Britt continued to pass that idea of dreaming big to others. She inspired confidence as a member at her church and the philanthropic organization P.E.O. And now, she has done that at WPU.

After years of contributing annually to her alma mater, Mrs. Britt has generously given WPU a $1 million gift through the Bill and Peggy Britt Foundation.

“This gift will have such an incredible and long-lasting impact on WPU and our students. I am so grateful to Mrs. Britt for her support of the University and her belief in the work we are doing,” said Dr. Brian Ralph, WPU President. “Because of her generosity, students will be able to find courageous confidence and pursue their dreams.”

Her gift will support students through both the Peggy Britt Scholarship and Peggy Britt Endowed Scholarship. The Peggy Britt Scholarship supports new students at WPU, with preference given to first-generation college students and students with financial need. The Endowed Scholarship generates earnings to support students with similar backgrounds. By being an endowed fund, it will have a long-lasting impact on the University.

Along with this, Mrs. Britt’s gift is also part of WPU’s Courageous Giving campaign. Launched in 2022, donors support the campaign by making a courageous commitment that provides our students with the resources they need to learn through immersive experiences, build upon their courage and develop the confidence needed to turn their passion into purpose.

Mrs. Britt hopes her gift can enable students to get started on their own roads to success without financial burdens.

“I believe that most young people want to improve themselves and have a meaningful and rewarding life. The college experience can prepare a young person to reach those goals,” she said. “Unfortunately, many promising young people and their families lack the financial resources to attend college. I want to help deserving students have that opportunity.”

In previous years, Mrs. Britt has generously supported WPU’s Loyalty Fund – William Peace University’s unrestricted annual giving fund that supplements the overall budget and annual scholarships.

She explained that she and her husband were blessed and worked hard to be fortunate in life. She wants to pass on her good fortune to WPU’s next generation.

Mrs. Britt has long loved her alma mater. She first attended what was then known as Peace College with friends from high school. She was drawn to the school by the high-quality, two-year business program.

As a student at Peace she found a community that genuinely cared for her and provided her some of the fondest memories of her life. At the start of her studies, Mrs. Britt described herself as very shy. However, this community of professors and students helped her to develop the confidence she needed to succeed.

When she entered the workforce after graduation, she had confidence about her ability to do her job.

“I was the first person in my immediate family to attend college. I believe that the things I learned at Peace made my life richer and more meaningful than it would otherwise have been,” she said. “I hope that my support of Peace will enable others to have that same experience.”

If you are interested in joining Mrs. Britt in supporting WPU students, please visit

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