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WPU Inspires Courageous Confidence

WPU seeks to inspire courageous confidence in the lives of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and more. Whether it’s a professor boldly teaching immersive learning or alumni encouraging students to fearlessly pursue a career, courageous confidence is found in every part of WPU. 

It’s embodied in people like Peggy Britt ’56 who courageously gave $1 million to support student scholarships through the Bill and Peggy Britt Foundation.

Below, you will discover more about how WPU has inspired courageous confidence.


To have the freedom to experiment, try new things and to know whether or not it is successful has built my courageous confidence. The courageous confidence I have built at Peace, both as a student and employee, has taught me that failure is not always a bad thing as long as I learn from it and it was done with good intent.” – Dawn Dillon ‘86, WPU Director of Retention & First Year Experience

“WPU helped me to improve my courageous confidence by having me participate in several group projects that pushed me to reach out to other individuals and share experiences, ideas and suggestions with them.” – Tommaso Villa ’20

“WPU has inspired me to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. This has boosted my courage and has made me more confident in life.“ – Nathan Hawxwell ’25

WPU has provided me with a safe work environment where I feel I can express my innovative ideas with my Student Life team without reservation.  This is not something that is received well in other work environments, so my team at WPU has inspired me to be courageously confident in my work to improve the student experience on our campus through innovation and creativity!” – Kristin Koch, Director of Student Involvement

“WPU has given me the community and experience to feel courageous. Before WPU, I had never been the type of person to run for student government or to stand in front of a crowded room of new students and their families and speak. Through leading the Student Government & Programming Association, being an Orientation Leader, giving tours in Admissions and the support of my professors, I have grown my courageous confidence.” – Kiera Williams ‘23, Student Government & Programming Association Student Body President

“At WPU I have had so many opportunities that have made me develop skills that are beyond my comfort zone. I feel like now I am prepared to take risks and not second guess myself. With the guidance of my professors, I now feel confident in what I do and who I am.” – Brian Martinez ’23

“WPU has given me courageous confidence to explore various career options. I was able to work all over campus in all different leadership positions that exposed me to new skills and career paths. Now, I feel like I’m equipped to work in a variety of fields. “ – Rebekah Walker ’22

“I find my confidence through God and with the opportunities that Peace has given me. No doubt that God led me to Peace for a reason — my confidence has grown exponentially.” Keslee Hylton ’24

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