Brian Ralph

Greetings from Main

Courageous confidence is built.

It’s built by instilling the belief that you can succeed, and the knowledge that you can do something incredible.

We build courageous confidence in the lives of our students every day through immersive learning, internship opportunities, a vibrant campus, and more. But it’s in more than just our students.

It is in the faculty that completely redesigned WPU’s curriculum to bring a brand new, more experiential structure in Fall of 2023. Thanks to their work, almost all courses will now be four credit hours, allowing for more time for immersive learning opportunities.

It’s in the donors who gave courageous gifts over the past year, including an astonishing $1 million gift from Alumna Peggy Britt ’56 and the Bill & Peggy Britt Foundation to create scholarships for students.

It’s in the campus that came together to receive reaffirmation of accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission (SACSCOC) in June 2022. Campus-wide collaboration was needed to reach this momentous achievement — it showcases WPU’s commitment to high-quality education, integrity and student success.

Across WPU, courageous confidence is inspired and instilled – and it provides students with the resources they need to learn through immersive experiences and turn their passion into purpose.

The University is continuously growing, with the start of several new bachelor’s degree programs in the last year: Interactive Design, Esports and Gaming Administration, and Human Resource Management, adding to our 30+ majors. Our academic programs are being supported by new spaces, including the creation of a state-of-the-art Esports Lab as well as a Business Analytics lab.

Additionally, our University held a successful Inaugural Family Weekend in October with over 100 attendees. This unique event brought together families and gave them a chance to experience campus life with their students. Along with that, the University was once again recognized as a top 29 (out of 125) University in the Regional Colleges: South category by U.S. News & World Report.

As you turn the pages of this magazine, you will experience a deeper journey into the courageous confidence we inspire. I am confident that you will be even more proud of what our amazing students, faculty, staff and alumni are accomplishing. And be assured, there are countless other stories just like those featured here in the Magazine, in fact, I am sure you have your own story of courageous confidence. Your support and advocacy for WPU are allowing those stories to be written.

With peace,

Brian C. Ralph, Ph.D.

The immense display of courage by our community has given me more confidence than ever about our future — a future filled with promise and innovation. Confidence that we are providing an exceptional experience here that enables our students to turn their passion into purpose

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